How do I set up scan to folder?

Create the folder you want your scans to go to (if not done already) and note down your computers hostname (click the link below for a guide on how to find this).

{Windows/Mac: Finding your HostName and MAC address. : Luxion (}


On your printer, go to “Settings”, then scroll down to “Contacts Manager” and hit “Register/Delete”. Select “Add New”, “Contact”, then “Network Folder/FTP”. Fill out the details on the following page, such as the name displayed on the contact button, the username and password used to login on your computer and the location of the folder set up earlier in the format, \\<hostname>\< path_to_folder>, where “path_to_folder” is the list of folders you have to travel through to find the right folder, e.g. Users\User\Desktop\Scans.