How do I set up scan to email?

If you are a customer, your printer should have had this set up for you when it was installed, but if not, simply follow the details below.

First, set up an email address to send the scans from, a Gmail account is probably simplest, but you should be able to use any provider, and make sure the account settings allow the use of less secure devices. You can find instructions for how to do so by following the links below.

{Outlook: How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Docs, Gmail: Send email from a printer, scanner, or app – Google Workspace Admin Help}


Then on your printer go to “Settings”, “General Settings”, “Network Settings”, scroll down and select “Advanced”. Then select “Email Server” and “Server Settings” and set the correct settings for your email provider as well as the email address and password set up earlier. These can usually be found with a quick Google search, but we have listed the most common ones below.


Gmail Outlook






port 587 port 587 port 587
STARTTLS encryption STARTTLS encryption STARTTLS encryption