Why use uniFLOW?

Like all Print Management Software, uniFLOW makes printing more secure while cutting down on print waste. It has the added benefit of allowing users to register themselves and allowing users to pay for their print jobs before printing them, which reduces the time needed to manage the system.

It also allows users to delegate print jobs to someone else, so if, for example, you’re the only person attending a meeting remotely, but want the others to be able to look over the documents, you can delegate the job to someone else in the meeting, and they can print them off for you. Alternatively, if everyone in the meeting is attending remotely, you may even be able to scan the document into the meeting, so they can read and review the document at their own pace.

The final reason to use uniFLOW is that it is much more versatile than most of it’s on-line  competitors, you can set up scan workflows so that documents go right where you want them to, data capture areas which set the name of the file and make it easier to find later on, even automatically release print jobs when users log into the printer.