Why use Print Management Software?

There are many reasons to use Print management software and we have listed them below.

1.     Control – PMS will provide reports on what is happening with printing on your network.  This information includes (but I not limited to)

a.     Print and copy volumes for each device on the system

b.     User information and volumes

c.      Pages saved i.e. deleted or cancelled

d.     Environmental impact of network printing.

e.     Costs for printing detailed by department or section down to individual user levels.

f.      Improved budgeting through better understanding and timings for print costs.

2.     Another reason is to cut down on waste, it saves paper, consumables and most importantly, time. Jobs can be printed at the point of need reducing the need for reprinting. You don’t have to worry about someone accidentally picking up your print job, so you don’t have to print it out again and that person doesn’t need to bin the print.

3.     The final reason we will cover here is security, everybody knows how easy it is for people to get information you don’t want them to have, so why leave it at the printer. The job isn’t printed until you get there, so no need to worry about who’s in the room when you print out that confidential document. Plus all our PMS use encryption so even if a print job is intercepted it remains secure and confidential.