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40% savings whilst supporting No One Left Behind job

SCVO (Fulfilment Printing), September 2020

In September of 2020, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) suddenly needed 20,000 booklets printed on short notice.

SCVO (a charity) had put out a request for pricing for their new iPad/Chromebook project to print the instruction booklets.

SP&C helped them keep costs low when The Copy Shop delivered 40% saving against alternative proposals.

Since the successful delivery of the first order, we’ve supplied further print runs, totalling more than 160,000 booklets.

This collaboration has been a significant reason behind the development of our print fulfilment services and enabled us to recruit Abigail by supporting her salary.

At times, this has been a challenging project with short deadlines and last-minute changes required. But Aaron at SCVO has been great to work with and a massive help in the collaboration with our social enterprise. We hope to continue our work in support of the Third Sector and expand on the services we deliver.

"I know it feels like an easy option to give great feedback, but there’s nothing I could comment on that could be improved. You were incredibly patient and flexible with us, gave a great price for your service, stayed in contact and responded to all our emails really quickly, and turned it around in a really short time frame. Excellent service and I’d 100% recommend and use again."

When asked to review the service provided, the following scores out of 10 (1 = unacceptable, 10 = wow) were provided:

  • Communication through the project (10)
  • Adaptability to change or working towards your needs (10)
  • Price of project against expectation (10)
  • Meeting objectives and delivering within a timeframe (10)
  • Openness and honesty and delivering on sector values (10)
  • Recommendation to other sector organisations (10)


This pandemic pivot allowed SP&C to delight a customer, *and* it also funded a No One Left Behind job and allowed us to welcome Abigail to the team!

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