Environmental Benefits

Environmentally conscious products, green vehicles & repurposing equipment for community good.

For years now, many of us have been doing our bit for the planet by printing only when absolutely necessary.  Less paper consumed means less trees are felled.  Now there is so much more that you can do now by taking some time to choose a printer/copier that uses less energy. Innovations by industry leaders like Epson means that your printer/copier’s electricity usage can be cut by a staggering 85%. Sounds too good to be true? Not when you find out how it’s done.

By working with companies such as Epson on clever inkject technology we dramatically reduce energy consumption (by as much as 85%), have fewer parts that need replacing, less consumables, packaging and delivery - much better for the environment whilst we still need some printing capability.

Back in the day, Inkjet printers used to be the poor relation of lasers but advances have improved the quality of the print and smudged paper is a thing of the past.  The beauty of inkjet machines is they use much simpler technology; less is definitely more. There are fewer moving parts therefore less to fix, fewer engineer visits and less consumables which means less packaging and less waste. 

But the really cool thing is that they are cool, literally. They don’t use heat to print. Unlike laser printers which use heat technology as anyone who has had to sit next to the printer knows.  In fact, the people at Epson worked out that if all businesses in Europe switched to their inkjet printer then enough energy would be saved to run over 507,000 European households.  Green certificates mean that it’s not just Epson saying their machines are better for the planet; there is external validation for the environmental credentials available for you too!

As a Scottish social enterprise, SP&C has developed a partnership with Epson, and is taking the environmental credentials further. Their clever Service Management System, which remotely tracks their printers and prevents issues arising, is expected to reduce on-site visits by 40-50%.  Real time information leads to more efficient ordering, stock control and the integration with the accounts system means paperless billing.

As well as using electric vehicles for business activities, SP&C will train young apprentices to fault-find so that they can replace smaller components rather than just installing a brand new larger part to get the machine back up and running. There will be a focus on repair rather than just replacement reducing environmental impact and cost.
In addition to the office machines, the landfill created by domestic printers is a source of concern and the team at SP&C would love to train apprentices to repair these and offer them back to communities.

Choosing a new printer doesn’t have to cost the earth.

And whilst we may be a few years away from complete paperless working, SP&C will be supporting our clients on their digital transformation journey, starting with simple but intelligent scanning to create a searchable library of all paper-based documentation.

Our promise to the planet:
we will never knowingly make compromises for profit at the expense of the environment.





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