Case study: Keegan & Pennykid

Keegan & Pennykid was founded in Edinburgh in 1968 and is dedicated to providing its clients with professional and independent insurance advice.  They provide advice across the UK and Northern Ireland, to a broad range of clients including individuals, businesses, charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, community interest companies (CICs) and the not for profit sector.

June Pennykid (MD) with Ian and Abigail from Social Print & Copy


Problem or issue faced

Although Keegan & Pennykid were happy with their previous print supplier that they’ve had for many years, they were actively looking to update their supply chain and move away from corporate organisations into a third sector partnerships. Due to Keegan & Pennykid’s own target market and specialism, they would rather put funds into a social enterprise.

Solution Offered

Social Print & Copy managed to meet the capital cost of printing equipment which Keegan & Pennykid were looking for and proved to be competitive against other suppliers.

Keegan & Pennykid told us the major swing that made them choose us over another supplier was the fact that we are a social enterprise offering fair value and opportunity for young people on 2 year apprenticeship training programmes.

“In the absence of the ability to offer apprenticeships ourselves is great to have the ability to facilitate that for another organisation such as Social Print & Copy.”

Outcome with SP&C SOlution

£ 0
Customer Contract Savings
0 %
Carbon Footprint Reductions
£ 0
Customer Energy Savings
Funded Apprentice Days

Customer quote

Social Print & Copy were very transparent throughout the whole process and was not at all sales orientated. We really liked the more personable service they offered which resonates well with ourselves as an organisation. When it came to the installation it was evident that the SP&C team had done their homework as it was the smoothest installation and transition we'd experienced, ensuring no down time with limited training for our staff being required for the new products. Finally we liked the fact that the apprentices were actively involved in the installation of the equipment- it was very rewarding to see apprentices in action. 

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